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Notice to all current IPA Members

You may have noticed that this site has been refreshed and many of the links on this site, now point to pages on our new site.  We will be maintaining both sites now. This site will be set up for our members who are not actively publishing on our website. You will still retain your profile on this site, but will not be part of the new InternationalPress.Org website.

Those members who are actively publshing their works, have completed a brief profile on their profile page and want to Learn By Doing are invited to join us at the new IPA.Org website.  Only those members who are now part of the IPA.ORG site may qualify for a staff position at IMPress.

Past members who joined IPA prior to January 31, 2013 will qualify for our Grandfathered program that will enable you to renew your membershp at our previous membership fees of $250 per year.  You will not quality for our cash incentive programs, only those members that join our new Gold or Platinum program will qualify. See our new membership options on our new site.

We have already moved those members that we know have been active at IPA and published some of their works here and on IMPress. If we missed you in out initial list, please contact us so we can add you there.  We ask that all members confirm they want us to move them to the new site and we will add you and set you up as an Author on the site. 

Please take a moment now and visit our new and improved website, still under construction, but now accepting new members and starting to publish our qualified member articles here now.

We hope any current member that has not published on our current site will think seriously about doing so now.  Now IPA has four websites to help our members to Learn By Doing. It is our hope those that haven't been actively involved in our organization will see the many benefits of doing so now.

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We continue to work hard to bring our members the best benefits, new features on our site and blog and now exciting new contests.  Unfortunately, member support is our only financial support at IPA and in order for us to maintain the high quality of our site and continue to help our members, we need to grow our membership.

Our Mission Is To Help Our Members....

Joining IPA, no matter what your level of expertise, means you have joined a respected community, web publication and a 20 year old trade association.  We offer members more then simply web site's, slick brochures and a fancy members logo, that many other organizations attempt to offer their members.

Remember, IPA is the only recognized and legitimate organization that supplies our members with our complete IPA press identification package. Our unique program allows members the opportunity to gain the important access we believe they need to learn their craft and get the job done.

If you have any questions and can't find the answers in our blog or website, then please contact me and I will try to get you back on track and help you understand the immense power you can gain as an IPA independent staff member. We want you to succeed!


Len Rapoport



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