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In cooperation with various U.S. Government and international law enforcement agencies, we will carefully review any membership applications from the individuals from following "HOT" countries or regions of the world.

This will include foreign nationals from these countries living abroad who intend on publishing articles or photos that would be considered political in nature or intend on using IPA Press access to gain entry to security sensitive locations.

We will make exceptions to these rules, please read further information below.

dot Afghanistan
dot India
dot Iraq
dot Iran
dot Israel
arrow Palestine
arrow Sudan
arrow Haiti
arrow Philippines
arrow Uzbekistan
arrow Congo
dot Pakistan
dot Syria
dot Saudi Arabia
dot North Korea
dot South Korea
arrow Burundi
arrow Lebanon
arrow Chad
arrow Sri Lanka
arrow Algeria
arrow Kenya
dot Russia
dot Nigeria
dot Libya
dot Cuba
dot Sudan
arrow Colombia
arrow Nepal
arrow Yemen
arrow Indonesia
arrow Somalia
arrow Kuwait
dot Togo
dot Jamaica
dot East Europe
dot S. America
dot South Africa
dot Mexico
dot Thailand

NOTE: IPA is not the proper forum for controversial political views and commentary. Our members do not report on wars, political conflicts or any other issues that would put our members in harms way in gathering that information, videos or photographs. Our members are not authorized to enter security sensitive areas.

Please read our Terms Of Membership for further information and clarification.

Don't see your country listed on our Registration page, email us and we can add it to our list.

  New Member Info

Registration For All New Members and Renewals For Current Members

Read this Before Completing This Application

Our organization has a clear and public mission that focuses on building credibility and exposure for ethical independent photographers, journalists and other professionals worldwide. We have selective member policies, and seek to level the playing field for the explosively growing population of independent media. If you are a blogger, own or work for a web site, are a journalist, videographer or photographer or want to be, no matter what your skill level is at this time, you may qualify for membership. Our goal is to help you learn and earn as part of the media.  Please visit our member support blog if you have any doubts to learn more about the process and what our members can accomplish as part of IPA.

Members that complete their profiles and publish their work on our main site will be considered for a staff position on IMPress our online magazine. There is no extra cost to become a staff member at IMPress and only those that show a good work ethic and a high skill level will be considered for a position with IMPress.

We do not currently accept members from certain countries due to security, payment, or mailing issues. In some countries we don't have any members at this time.  In those countries members may not enjoy as many benefits of membership that most other members might. For this reason, it is a new members decision to see if membership is worthwhile.

We will consider any applicant that wants to be a member and who understands these simple rules.  If you live in a country on our list and would like to be considered for membership, then please complete the form which we will review and advise you if you qualify.  All members must agree to our Terms of Membership and understand that IPA is an inclusive, not an exclusive organization, but we must be concerned about our members and the safety of others. 

  Please Read Carefully

Your Press Kit is FREE with your membership at IPA, we do not sell our Press ID to anyone.

Membership Press ID kits are offered at no cost to our members, therefore your payment for membership has nothing to do with your press identification, membership package or any other benefits of membership. Your membership fee covers a full year of membership in IPA which includes your FREE press identification and helps support the IPA program.

Your Press Kit will be mailed to the address you supply when making your payment.

We will only mail your membership kit to your home or business address. You must supply your current home or work address and telephone number when completing this application. If you live in a rural area and must use a post office box, we will mail it there. In certain countries the mail system is not secure and not reliable and sending your Press Kit to those areas may not arrive. We take each parcel to the US Post Office and receive a Proof of Mailing Receipt.

Optional Rush Services

U.S. and International members that may need their Press ID fast should advise us and we will make every effort to ship your Press ID Kit within 24 hours from receipt of your payment and ID photo. US and International members may also select our Express Mail shipping or Priority Mail option (at additional cost). Please see above information and our payment page for further details.

Failure to Recieve Your Press Kit In The Mail

If you do not receive your kit because you gave us an incorrect mailing or a non-secure address and it does not arrive, it is your full responsiblity. If your kit does not arrive in 3-5 business days (United States) or 10-15 business days (international) we advise you to check with your local post office.

U.S. members will have their kits shipped via First Class mail with Delivery Confirmation, so we can confirm Proof of Delivery, but not tracking.  International member kits are mailed via Air Mail and we can only supply you with a scan of our Proof of Mailing receipt from our post office. In some cases we have found that a "Lost" package may simply be held at the local post office, may have been stopped by local government customs or may have been stolen on receipt. If you reside in a rural area or HOT country this could be a problem. 

NOTICE: Due to recent increases in mailing Press ID kits to our international members, we are forced to charge a $5 shipping and handling fee on all Press ID packages mailed to those members. Postal Rates have doubled as of January 22, 2012 and we can no longer afford to absorb the extra fees charged by both the post office and the additional fees charged by Pay Pal for international payments.

In the event you do not recieve the kit and ask for us to produce a replacement Kit for you, we will do so at a cost of $50.  We will also extend your membership to give you a full year from the mailing of the new kit.  We would prefer not to mail the replacement by standard mail to the same address again. For international members we suggest a more secure method which would be Express Mail which is fast and has tracking information. If you believe you need this service please advise us BEFORE your kit is mailed and we will issue a correct payment request to cover our costs.

Remember, the cost to replace your Press Kit will be $50 USD plus the cost of secure mailing which could range from $25-$40 USD. You may pay for an additional years membership by doing so, there will be no additional cost to issue a new Press ID Kit, only the cost of secure mailing. This is a good option for some members and will help you avoid the Replacement Kit Costs.

NOTE: You will be asked to pay for your membership and to supply a digital ID Photo at the end of your registration. If you are not prepared to pay for your membership at this time, please do not complete our application as it will be deleted within 48 hours if payment is not made. If you cannot use Pay Pal email us for instructions on how to use Western Union online to make your payment. To review payment and ID Photo information now..Click Here

We reserve the right to refuse membership for any reason.

  Membership Options

Platinum Membership is perfect for advanced amateurs, professionals, members of the independent media and current members of the Press Corps.

Platinum Membership is designed to give you the tools you need to gain important media access and includes your own IPA email account (yourname@internationalpress.com) which is important when emailing a company or event to gain media access. This popular package allows you to publish more photos and articles on our site, then any of our other packages.

It includes complete access to our web site, an individual Members Profile area with plenty of space for your best images and articles and an IPA email address. You will also receive our
*Platinum Level Priority Support* both by phone or using our Skype international support line and of course through our priority email. This package also includes our IPA Press identification kit while which can be used while you are an active member of IPA.

*NOTE: Payment Can Be Made At Time Of Application -Or Select Bill Me Later With No Interest for 6 Months.

Annual Membership (Full Year) - Includes Press ID Kit, IPA POP 3 and Web Email Account and Priority Support

Full Years Membership +IPA Email + Press ID Kit, Only $250 ...  Details

IMPress Logo

Select Members will be invited to join our staff at IMPress our new online publication.  There is no additional cost and you will receive additional exposure and greater credibility.  Be sure to submit your best works to this site so we can see what you can do.  Visit IMPress now and see what your fellow members are publishing on our new site.

Note: Membership at IPA does not guarantee a staff position at IMPress.  Your work will be evaluated and if you qualify you will be invited to join us there.

Please visit our new site still under construction for our new programs that will replace the current one shown here. You can still join here if you prefer until the new site officially launches.

Click here now to see our new programs on our new website.

  Important  - Agreement
You must agree to the following or we cannot process your application for membership.

By your submission of this application you agree to abide by our Terms of Membership. The personal information you supply us with is strictly confidential, we do not sell or make our mailing lists available to anyone. Information you choose to publish on your profile will be available for public viewing.

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age and not presently a convicted felon, member of any subversive, radical organization or religious cult. You agree not use your membership or IPA freelance Press ID to gain access for any illegal purposes. All work you submit to our web site must be your own and is protected by your personal copyright. By publication on our web site, you give IPA the absolute rights to publish this work and/or to use it for promotion of our organization. When a membership is not renewed your profile and submissions will be deleted.  Our site only displays and promotes active members works.

Annual members will have the option to renew theirmembership at the end of their years membership for one or two years. New members Press ID Kits are valid for one year and will expire one year from the date of issue.

All Press Identification is the sole property of IPA and is issued to valid members for their use during their active membership. Press identification must be returned if we request you do so, destroyed or you must certify that you will not use it, if you cease your active IPA membership. We may also request return of this id if we discover any improper use, expiration of identification material or other valid reasons. You further understand that copies or alterations to our press identification will be considered a violation of our "Terms" and may cause termination of your membership and/or force IPA to take other action against you.


Replacement Press ID is not available under most circumstances. However, if our staff determines the reasons for the request of replacement are valid, the cost of replacement will be $50 or no additional cost if you add another year to your current membership.

Our Gold and Platinum annual membership plans include your free press id kit. You may review these plans now.

Membership is open to US and foreign residents. Due to heightened security and our review process, we reserve the right to refuse membership for any reason.

Accept Decline
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