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International Press Association's Press Room
The IPA Safety & Security page is where you can find our latest and archived IPA articles and information dealing with safety and security issues.

We will attempt to keep this area current with scans of fake IPA or other press cards and updated links to articles dealing with this subject matter.

International Press Association's Updated Security Release

Will The Real International Press Association Please Stand Up


Bryan Seltzer

Bryan Seltzer's LinkedIn profile • Insurance Salesman

There is a California based website that is trading under the name International Press Association with a tag line that they are a global communications network, yet this web site and operation is now run by one man, Bryan Seltzer

Mr. Seltzer as you can see is not a journalist, not a photographer, not a member of any media outlet and is in fact an insurance salesman and their operation is not really a Global Communications Network by any stretch of ones imagination. Mr. Seltzer however maintains that he is the Director and Senior Editor of International Press Association. As you can see from his LinkedIn profile he boldly claims this and doesn't make any mention that his copycat web site has nothing to do with ours.

Now this site and his claims to be an Editor in itself should be a tip off that their entire operation's sole purpose is suspect.  It would appear to us and to others that they actually have one purpose and that is to to issue press identification, that has no merit, to those individuals in the Christian Ministry or faith. 

By their own admission to us, they are a religious organization but as anyone can see they conceal this on their web site.  The site is made to appear as if it was part of our organization which it is not. One would think in a day of transparency that they would clearly show a mission statement and identify themselves and their members as part of a Christian faithed organization and of course indicate what their true mission is.

We have had an ongoing battle with them for over 15 years now about their use of our name. Our mission is to help our members learn by doing and by offering them a program that includes their own professional profile on our site, the ability to publish their best photographic and written works and to help each member on a one-on-one basis to obtain the skills necessary to further their careers.  It is unclear to us what the California International Press's program really is.

When you visit their web site, you will see very little information about their operation but, you will see, what is now hundreds of posts that are lifted from other news and media web sites, we can only assume, without the copyright holders permission.

You will also note that a member is not required to publish their work on the site. Frankly, we couldn't find any way to determine who their members are.   There is no member search, no articles we could see that state they were written by a member, nothing other then what appears to be articles lifted from other sources.

We also noticed that there is virtually nothing on the site about Mr. Seltzer or his abilities to be  a Director of Sr. Editor of any legitimate media outlet. We couldn't find any articles written by Mr. Seltzer either, so we have to wonder what gives him the ability to verify his members abilities or legtiimacy to those people that grant media access or priveleges to members of the press. From what we can see his only experience is that of a self-employed insurance salesman.  We further ran a fast Google search which came back with nothing on Mr. Seltzer, which is quite odd, considering his claims of being the Editor of IPA.  His name didn't even show with a link to their web site, again odd considering his so called senior editorial position. From what we can see, it would appear that he has no background in photography or journalism when we did our research on his background.

This entire copycat operation would appear to be a venture meant to afford their ministers what they term is VIP treatment and media access and nothing more.  The issue we have is that those that do grant media access maybe confused and mislead into thinking they are part of our organization and that we cannot allow.

From their site we found this on their About page.

International Press Association (IPA) assists its members by giving them VIP status and credibility which opens doors to accessing:

Important Interviews, Conventions, Political Events, Sporting Events, Concerts, Exhibitions, Festivals…and much more!

If in fact they claim to only sell their press identification (that's correct, sell it) to those in the Christian Ministry, why won't they admit this anywhere on their web site? They do however offer a pdf form that a prospective member must complete. You can see from their questions what their members areas of expertise are.


This application is of concern to us, since as we previously stated, none of their members actually publish anything on their site, that we were able to see.  If that is the case, why would they ask potential members to complete what you have to agree is a very disturbing form? Maybe to give them some form of credibility, but we noted that this information is not posted on their web site, only on a downloadable application.

From reading the information on their web site, we could not locate any requirements for their members to publish works on their site. It seems quite clear that they do not have any photographer or videographer members either because we could not locate any of these works on their site, yet from their application for membership they list a wide variety of areas of work and the type of industry their members come from.

We still wonder why the application requires this information if they have no intent on publishing their works on their site, yet they seem to continue to offer these people membership, two press cards and a "verification process" should anyone inquire about their "staff status".

We have an email from Mr. Seltzer who states

"Our news, articles and stories are mostly about things that concern Christians around the world in many ways"

He further stated that

"We do not issue "Bogus" press ID cards, as you may, but we usually know everyone who is issued a press ID card or they have been referred by someone we know or by another church and have shown proper identification and need within the industry."

So by their own admission they are a Christian religious group that has created a site that looks like a news site, using non religious articles they have copied from other news sites to fill their pages. It would appear to some that this site and their program is simply a ruse to further their goals and convince unsuspecting individuals that grant media access that they are a news agency of sorts.

We can only surmise that this entire operation, as we have known for many years, is on the internet for financial and or religious gain.

We understand the need for many religious organizations to gain legitimate access to "spread the gospel" but Mr. Seltzer, by cloaking his operations true intent by filling their site with copied articles in a broad range of subjects, seems to be involved in a plot to fool those that may be in a position to grant media access.

This could in fact be dangerous since they state that their members can cover all sorts of security sensitive events including political, seminars, meetings that may or may not agree with the Christian faiths beliefs and even security sensitive events. We feel this can be dangerous in our post 9/11 world.

Using our name for this purpose creates even more confusion and we want to be sure we make our visitors, and our industry members aware of this operation. By publishing this article and our issuing a number of cease and desists letters and warnings(which they have ignored), we hope to have our most recent objections on record.

Our company is the only legitimate and duly formed organization of its type and is recognized by our government, local and international law enforcement agencies and the 30,000 visitors that visit us each month. We are not a platform for any religion and will not allow articles on religion and many other subjects to be published on our site. We have a very clear mission and one that keeps our members out of harms way.

Our members are asked to cover social events, lifestyle, fashion, shows, concerts, entertainment, travel, technology, local news, but we do not cover wars, crime, political and religious topics on our web site. We leave those security and controversial subjects to the many other media outlets that can do it properly.

We have our members agree to a very extensive Terms of Membership agreement, but we don't see anything that states their true mission or terms of membership on their site. We were hard pressed to locate any articles that were written by their members. It seemed all were linked to or credited to other news sites or authors.

IPA and International Press Association are trademarks, both common law and registered with the US Trademark office. Their use of our registered IPA letters and or symbol is illegal, but they continue to do so in both their domain name and on their web site.   Anyone that is familiar with our site may visit us to read the many reviews by our President Len Rapoport and view the many member articles and photographs contributed by our independent staff members. 

Our recent "Not Another Photo Contest" that awarded over $8,000 in prizes was open to IPA members and non members from many countries. Our site only publishes our members or staffs original works. We also publish Press Releases we feel might be of interest to our readers. We never lift of appropriate content from other sites and use it to fill our pages, it is against the law and unprofessional to do so.

We have developed a Member Support Blog that you should visit.  The first thing you will notice is our many articles is that we stress the importance of publishing ones works on our site. In order to gain important access one must do the work or they will not have the credibility and exposure they want.

Our belief is that our members will learn by doing. The reason company's or events grant access is because they expect the publicity and coverage  they deserve. We not only do this, but we also list their events on our web site and publish their Press Releases as well.  You can see the many Reviews we do in our Reviews section of our site. All are original works and all you will agree are not only well written, but many include videos created for the article by our staff.

This then means, that anyone that purchases the California based International Press is really not part of their editorial "staff", independent or otherwise. 

Their use of hundreds of copyrighted articles pulled from other sites and news services would not be considered usage under the Fair Use doctrine and would be subject to penalties that could amount to thousands of dollars for each violation.

Publishing copyrighted works without permission from it's copyright owners, especially those that note that their articles may not be used without permission from other news services is not only illegal but is against the ethics that any legitimate media outlet would never practice.

"Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material does not substitute for obtaining permission."

The California IPA has been trading off our our good name and reputation for years and Mr. Selzter has now joined some of the social networking sites where he claims to be the Editor of the International Press Association, this is not true and he fails to mention it is not our organization either.   Does he do this to gain credibility and status?

Warning...If you are approached by anyone claiming to be part of our organization or tell you to verify their press status and you speak to Mr. Seltzer, understand that you are talking to an an independent insurance broker in California who claims to be IPA's director and Senior Editor You should know he is not part of our organization and his web site and operation would appear to be just that, his web site and operation and not ours.

We are not concerned about any loss of members because of their operation, as we do not see them as a competitor, nor do we look for those of any particular faith, IPA is an inclusive and not exclusive organization open to all people of all faiths.  So we simply ask them to do what is right and to stop the confusion once and for all and change there name. They were willing to do this a few years ago for a ransom of $2,000 dollars which we declined at that time. We believe this shows the operation for what they really are.

We ask our readers to simply do a Google Search of Len Rapoport our president to see his work and then the same for Bryan Seltzer to see his qualifications or claims. You will see that Len has hundreds if not thousands of links to his affiliations, articles, photographs and his huge body of works, yet Mr. Seltzer only has one link to his LinkedIn profile and not even one to his web site.  You be the judge.

Be aware of this copy cat web site and to all those that may have the ability to grant media access or offer discounts or benefits to members of the media, we ask that you don't let them fool you with their claims of being part of International Press Association, LLC, they are not.

Watch for our full story and copies of emails we have received from Bryan Seltzer and the original owner of their site Steve Atkin, you will not be surprised to read their demands for payment to change their name and will see Mr. Seltzer's writing skills in those emails so you can then judge if he is qualified to be a director and editor of a international news organization.





IPA is always vigilant and aware that others would like to be part of the IPA staff, but would rather purchase a fake IPA press card on the streets of Thailand or make their own.  Read our ongoing stories and view actual fake copies of our Press ID that is currently being used around the world. Any legitimate photographer or journalist would understand the dangers in doing this and the consequences should they be caught. In a world where members of the media are being executed and others are being arrested for attempting to use fake ID, one would think it would deter others from doing the same, yet you will see how many continue to take this foolish approach at gaining media access and benefits from being a member of IPA.

Read the ongoing reports now and see scans of fake cards submitted by international law enforcement to IPA...



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