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IPA's Members Benefits

IPA has arranged special benefits and discounts on goods and services for our members.  Please click on the links below to get more information on each offer.  Benefits are only available for current independent staff members of IPA and are not available to affiliate members at any of our groups on networking web sites. 

Join us today and enjoy all of the benefits of membership.

Companies interested in reaching millions of visitors and members to our site and would like to offer their products or services here, please email us for further information.

IPA Supporting Companies  
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American Airlines

American Airlines is currently the only airline that publishes a discount for photographers on assignment. IPA members qualify for special rates on excess baggage an............more details

HDRsoft Innovative High Dynamic Image Software

HDRsoft develops innovative software in the field of High Dynamic Range imaging for photography. Photomatix Pro is available to IPA members at 25% Discount more details

Travel Discounts

Special arrangements have been made with Travel Pavilion an affiliate company of IPA's to offer all United States members special travel discounts. If you plan on t............more details

Discount Magazine Subscriptions

IPA members can now order some of the most popular photo and other magazines at discounts up to 87% off newstand prices. Check out and order some of your favorites ............more details

Lexar Image Rescue 3 - FREE $30 Value

Lexar offers award-winning image recovery software that provides easy, reliable recovery of your valuable photos, and has been trusted by professional photographers ............more details

Disneyland Florida, Offers Qualified IPA Members FREE Passes

Disneyland park in Orlando, Florida offers registered IPA members up to 4 free passes for their park. Normal park admission for adults is $72 per day. Value of this............more details

FREE Admission Universal Studios - Hollywood

IPA members must complete the Media Request form. Please fill out this form to request a maxiumum of four (4) media passes to Universal Studios H............more details

FREE Media Admission New York Boat Show

IPA Members can enjoy FREE media pass for the New York Boat Show. To register as media simply visit their site now and complete a media request form. Great opportu............more details

Free Admission Museum of Modern Art - MoMA

IPA Members are invited to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) located at 11 West 53rd Street, New York. Please present your Press Card and have a business card............more details

Free Admission All Guggenheim Museums

All current IPA independent staff members will be granted FREE entry for themselves and one guest at all Guggenheim Museums. more details

Free Museums City of New York

Most museums will offer our members free admission. We thought that this list of FREE museums in New York would also be helpful for our members who would also like ............more details

American Express Giftcards

IPA Members can Save $5 off any 2 cards purchased. With the holidays coming soon, now is a great time to purchase your AMEX gift cards. Limited Offer, buy them n............more details

Value Health Discount Card

The Value Health Discount Card provides 10% to 60% discounts on dental, vision, pharmacy, chiropractic and other health benefits. Card members have immediate access............more details

Cheap Stay.Com

CheapOstay.com guarantees the lowest rates on luxury suites, motels, resorts and inns, last minute hotel deals, 5-star hotels, free hotel upgrades and thousands of u............more details

Express Passport.Com

Express Passport provides the perfect solution for travelers who need a passport or visa. When you’re in a hurry, we expedite your needs as only professionals who kn............more details

Jelly Belly

Buy In Bulk and Save 10 lb case of Mr. Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks. Gummi candy in five fruit flavors. Contains 25% of the daily value of vitamin C.............more details

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly' s Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix® jelly beans in bulk.Perfect present for candy and ice cream lovers. The Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix® contains f............more details

Tiger Direct Best Deals Of The Day

Through our new affiliate program with Tiger Direct you can check here to find the best deals of the day. Come back every day and check the other Tiger Direct Lin............more details

Tiger Direct Top 10 Deals

Tiger Direct is one of the best places to find your computer and electronics deals. This is their top 10 Best Deals for IPA Members. Come back often for updates. ............more details

Tiger Direct Overstock & Liquidations

Another great link to the Tiger Directs Overstock and Liquidations section. This is updated each day so come back often and take advantage of these very limited a............more details

Rush MY Visa

RushMyTravelVisa.com is a trusted leader in expediting travel visas for any country! RushMyTravelVisa.com is partnered with RushMyPassport.com and together they are ............more details

Hotel Club Offers Global Reservations On Lowest Priced Rooms

HotelClub is a world leading global accommodation website offering hotel and accommodation bookings for up to 12 months in advance. Established in 1996, HotelClub pr............more details

CarRentals.com From $8.95 per Day

CarRentals.com is a tier two and tier three retail car rental consolidator unlike Hotwire which offers opaque tier one car rental inventory. Here is a little more ex............more details

eBags.Com - Discounted Bags Of All Types

eBags offers thousands of name brand products and is the leading online luggage and travel store. You will be proud of the selection, convenience, service and easy s............more details

Hotwire.Com - Discount Hotels-Air-Car Rentals

Hotwire is a leading discount travel site that offers low prices you won't see anywhere else. How do we do it? We have special relationships with major travel provid............more details

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