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We are proud to showcase the talents of IPA member and published photographer Dominique Schreckling, IPA member 06617

Our staff will select current members who have exhibited exceptional samples of their photographic or journalistic skills on our web site. All images and articles our members submit are reviewed and approved for publication by our IPA editorial staff. This gives us an opportunity to review IPA members work and select the next Showcased Member.

If you feel you should be selected as a Showcased Member or you would like to recommend a member, email us and tell us why we should consider you for this Showcase. We will review your work and notify you if you have been selected. Previous Showcase winners will be included in our Archive if their membership is current, any others will be removed.

  Our Latest Showcase Member




Dominique is a member since November 2010 and has already shown his ability to understand the IPA Mantra, that "we learn by doing"




Dominique lives and works in the French speaking portion of Switzerland in St-Légier, Vaud, which is on the border of Lake Geneva.

He discovered photography in the early 1990s while studying telecommunication engineering. He decided that working on a computer each day was not necessarily a good thing and decided he needed to find interests that would get him away from the computer screen and outdoors.

This lead him to a 35mm single lens reflex camera and the camera and photography then lead him to frequent trips to the beautiful mountains, lakes and breathtaking landscapes his country is known for.  He discovered photography in a big way and has never been the same.

Once he might have been considered a computer geek, today, he is recognized as an accomplished photographer whose main interests are photographing nature, landscapes, wildlife and opportunities to shoot his wonderful macro images.

With a critical eye and a great deal of study using both the internet and many photo publications and books, he managed to improve his skills and is now ready to take his place on this honored Member Showcase page.

Today, he works full time as a software engineer and his passion for photography has not only continued but has grown considerably.

He loves to travel and because of his passion for nature and travel photography, he became interested in southern Africa. Over the years, he has become addicted to this beautiful country and has spent many months exploring and photographing the landscapes and its inhabitants, animals and natural wonders.

Dominique has told us that he tries to leave the usual tourist tracks and prefers going to remote National Parks, or visiting the countries in what would be considered their off seasons. He especially loves the Namaqua area in South Africa in late August when colorful carpets of wildflowers cover the semi-desert floor appearing to rise up to the horizon.

He also visits the South Luangwa National Park in the rainy season, called Emerald Season for good reasons. Dominique's warns against first time or inexperienced visitors not to follow his foot steps here as it can be quite a challenge for the novice.

With all his travels he began to get attention from the Chinese “World Traveler” magazine where his photos are published regularly. His works can also be seen in a number of other magazines, books and web sites.

A few years ago, he decided to widen his photographic experience by covering sporting events including Judo tournaments, Beach Volleyball and a number of festivals.

This “new” photographic interest gave him an opportunity to have some excitement and fun while enabling him to experiment and hone his photographic skills.

Just published on our site, images and an article on the Zermatt Unplugged Festival 2011

Now as an independent staff member of IPA, he is now gaining important access to a number of events and has told us that he can fully appreciate the help the IPA program and credibility has given him.

He continued that IPA may not open all doors to every event, it does however allow him access to many popular festivals and events he was not able to obtain as a guest at these events in past years. 

With his growing portfolio of work, his written skills has also improved and visitors are invited to view his profile and portfolio on our web site as well as his other galleries at zenfolio and pbase

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Links To Dominique Schreckling's Work

See more of Dominique's photographs at his IPA profile or at these links where you can view the thousands of wonderful images in either a gallery, thumbnail or slideshow format:.



You may also view PDF's of articles and web pages now using his images at:


Visit his IPA Members Profile here. You must be logged in as a visitor or member to view his works.



IPA Members should learn how to present their works in a professional manner.  Please visit Dominique's profile and read some of the many articles and view some of the photos he has published on the IPA web site. 

Dominique is a member of LinkedIn, Facebook and other networking sites.  He can be reached at:  dominique@internationalpress.com and welcomes your comments. He is available to offer a helping

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