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Melbourne The Worlds Most Liveable City

January 27th, 2012

Article By IPA Member: Tom Griffiths

Company: Photojournalist


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Paris has the Eiffel Tower. San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge. London has Big Ben & Melbourne has the envious title, The World's Most Liveable City!

Melbourne was voted The World"s Most Liveable City in 2011. Vienna (Austria) placed second, third place went to Vancouver (Canada) according to research group Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveabilty Survey. Melbourne was voted number one from a list of 140 cities world wide. The debt turmoil in Europe has cost a lot of European cities of their ranking on " The Most Liveabilty City" list.

Cities in Austria, Finland, Canada, New Zealand & Australia are considered great places to live & visit due to a low crime risk, services readily available & a reliable, functioning infrastructure.

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city. With a diverse, multi-cultural background particularly, it's food culture. Melbourne being " The Food Capital of Australia." Many cafes, bars, restaurants & eateries adorn the city. From Little Italy in Carlton, to dumplings in Chinatown. Maybe you feel like Spanish at Movida's or something simple like fish & chips at the Dockland's Precinct. Melbourne caters for every taste.

If sports takes your fancy. Melbourne was voted The Sports Capital of the World in 2011. Some of the sporting events hosted during the year are The F1 Grand Prix, The AFL Grand Final, Boxing Day Cricket Test, The Australian Open & The Melbourne Cup to name a few.

Arts & Theatres feature in this Liveable city. Galleries, comedy to, live theatre shows. The Melbourne Fringe Festival is held at the end of each year. This event attracts artists and performers though out each year. This years event attracts artists and performers though out Australia & overseas.

Maybe Melbourne is "The World"s Most Liveable City" after all? Well for this year anyway!

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