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Check back here often..

Our Bulletin Board is a great spot to visit. We will announce new features to our site and offer limited availability products to our members. Unlike the IPA store which will feature our regular merchandise, the Bulletin Board will offer one of a kind and special products and services that will be of interest to our members.

If you have any goods or services to offer our members at a special IPA member price, email us and describe your offer.


Join Us At Facebook, LinkedIn

As many already know IPA has grown and reached out to thousands of wonderful photographers, videographers, journalists, correspondents, radio and television personalities and beautiful models by starting new groups on the leading social and business networking sites.

You can now join us at Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Picasa Web, YouTube and other sites and join our groups there or simply join our president Len Rapoports Networks.

In a few short months our membership on these other sites has grown to over 9,000 affiliate members and continues to be very strong. Our web site traffic has increased by 70% over the past three months with page views now up to half million each month and continues to grow.

If you haven't joined any of these sites yet, now is a good time to do so. With the poor global economy this type of networking is good for individuals and good for your business too. Visit our new Network With Us page here and join us today.

Help us build IPA and strengthen our community.


IPA is adding a number of improvements for 2011 as we have done in 2010. There will be many additional articles that will help our members earn more money through their photography. 

We are working on joint programs with leading software companies to enable members to purchase some of the leading photo editing software at special IPA discounted prices.

If you have thought about joining IPA, but still are not sure, visit our blog and read all the informative articles that will explain the many benefits of membership.

With many easy to understand How To articles gaining important media access couldn't be easier.

Watch for further information in our bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter will include important information for all members, current promotions, helpful hints, showcased photos and members and much more.

If you have any suggestions for topics and subjects for our Newsletter, please email us.

More News


Member promos  

Over Six Million Jpg Images

Have been downloaded to our visitors during the two months this contest has run, over 80,000 visitors have come to our site, downloads exceeded 500 GB of bandwidth and there were over 4,000 inbound links to the IPA web site during this time.


Please take some time now and vote for your favorite images.

IPA members can now share their videos on our web site.

Videographer and other IPA members have asked us for a method to display their videos on our site and in their profiles. We have made it easy using YouTube and other video services to help store the videos and display them here.

For further information on how to use your YouTube and other video services on our site please go to our article at our Member Support blog. By the way, Google and Yahoo also offer a similar video service, so check them out as well.

Visit our Member Support Blog and see all the finalists in our new Photo Contest...More

While there, be sure to view all the great entries too.

Watch for announcements for our next contest...Remember

We are now publishing the latest Press Releases from major corporations in our Press Releases Section .

Read about the latest shows, products and events now .

About Member Renewals

Expired Accounts:

Members with an expired account (up to 60 days) that wish to renew their membership and retain their current member ID number may do so.  Expired memberships will be renewed from their current expiration date for the length of the new renewal term (one or two years).  A late renewal will no longer be renewed for one or two years from the date you decide to renew.

What This Means:  Your membership expired on October 30, 2009 and it is now December 2009. Your one year renewal will expire on October 30, 2010 or ten months from the date you decided to renew. Please do not let your membership lapse and enjoy a full 12 month term.

If you have let your membership expire over 60 days, you will be required to complete a new member registration and we will assigned a new member ID number.  Your old profile and all of your articles and photos were removed from our database and cannot be retrieved.

Those members that purchased business cards with a previous member id number, will no longer be valid and should not be used. IPA email accounts may have been deleted on expired accounts as well and there is no guarantee of acquiring that same email address at a future date. 

Please do not let your membership expire, renew or extend your current membership today.


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